Metadata / SEO

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Svemix includes some default meta data / SEO handling, the cool thing is. All you have to do is export a loader function and return a metadata property inside your loader. You can also specify default meta tags via the svelte config.


Each .svelte file inside your routes folder can export a loader function, this loader can return an object with the metadata property, which svemix makes automatically use of.

<script context="module" lang="ts" ssr>
	import type { Loader } from 'svemix';

	export const loader: Loader = async function (event) {
		return {
			metadata: {
				title: 'About our company',
				description: "I'm a about description"
				// More


You can specify your default meta/seo config inside svelte.config.js

import svemix from 'svemix/plugin';
/** @type {import('svemix').SvemixConfig} */
const config = {
svemix: {
seo: {
title: '',
description: '',
keywords: '',
openGraph: {
title: '',
description: ''
// etc.
twitter: {
site: '',
title: ''
// etc.
export default config;


export interface MetaResult {
title?: string;
description?: string;
keywords?: string;
canonical?: string;
openGraph?: OpenGraph;
twitter?: Twitter;
export interface OpenGraph {
title?: string;
description?: string;
url?: string;
type?: string;
article?: OpenGraphArticle;
images?: OpenGraphImage[];
export interface OpenGraphArticle {
publishedTime?: string;
modifiedTime?: string;
expirationTime?: string;
section?: string;
authors?: string[];
tags?: string[];
export interface OpenGraphImage {
url: string;
alt?: string;
width?: number | string;
height?: number | string;
export interface Twitter {
site?: string;
title?: string;
description?: string;
image?: string;
imageAlt?: string;